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Name: War of Rings Awaken Dragonkin 3.44.1

Update: 22/05/2019

Version: 3.44.1

Size: 33.4 MB

Root: NO

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War of Rings is a 3d MMORPG unsettled game, in which contestants voyage to the extraordinary countries of the elves, dwarfs, fairies, orcs, giants among others in command to gather 27 strong rings and create a name brand-new world command! This game features many special game methods and systems, such as the free tool system, where tool is available only via killing monsters. The free vend system, in which contestants can freely vend parts without value rules. a strong and non-identical social system, where association associates and colleagues battle alongside each other. And a counterbalanced and mind-blowing world master system where leaders can be found across the world representation and refresh all day circular. 

[Game Features]
——brand-new generation, offline auto-combat
special auto-combat system design that even offers offline auto-combat will aid you to enhance and kill leaders, creating a win-win state for both work and compete.
——encouragement, distinctive customization system
This game features a fully customization system, in which you can advance as you see meet, outside the confinements of a conventional collection system. You can acquire your very own distinctive headings, impressive abilities and featured looks. 
——air-conditioned horses, customizable looks
Dozens of air-conditioned horses including tyrannosaurus, skyfyre and griffins are at your work, customizable tool and beautiful means will make you stand out of the average. 
——vend freely, purchase or trade tool
In the vend marketplace of this game, you can freely trade any clean or more tool you get from killing leaders or completing
ventures. None of your assets or moment shall be use. 
——group PvE, violent PvP
PvP is allowed on all representations. You can group up to take on high stage contestants and if you are fortunate enough to give the completing
stroke, then the crowning tool is yours. group up to confront the World leaders, high sphere rate makes this game more exciting and mind-blowing.
——interaction Us
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