Information for Sweet Fruit Candy 82.0 Hack

Name: Sweet Fruit Candy 82.0

Update: 02/04/2019

Version: 82.0

Size: 30M

Root: NO

Hack Sweet Fruit Candy 82.0 Features

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cloying fruit sweet is one of the champion match-3 games!
The standard removal game, the brand-new compete brand-new game deferences!
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Mod Game Sweet Fruit Candy 82.0 FULL FREE

There are all categories of astonishments in the investigating
the sweet world.
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cloying fruit sweet features:
– More than 1,500 stages, there is a large contest.

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Download Game Sweet Fruit Candy 82.0 Hack FULL FREE

– brand-new removal of compete.
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cloying Fruit sweet is now the most well-kown unconcerned problem game.
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