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Name: Kingdom Defender 2.5.00

Update: 28/03/2019

Version: 2.5.00

Size: 100M

Root: NO

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Games Introduction
The Kingdom Defender is a 3D strategic tower defense mobile online game based on the plot of the three kingdoms.
Three main occupation systems, various cultivation strategies, deep-level cultivation of tens of famous heroes and thousands of lineup combinations form the interesting and exciting tower defense world, which will definitely bring you unique and unforgettable tower defense game experience.

Mod Game Kingdom Defender
                    2.5.00 FULL FREE

Mod Game Kingdom Defender

2.5.00 FULL FREE

Advanced Technology

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                    2.5.00 Hack FULL FREE

Download Game Kingdom Defender

2.5.00 Hack FULL FREE

This game adopts the most advanced 3D precise mode for high rendering. Concrete and delicate character design, cool and artistic game scene and dynamic landscape elements will give you special visual experience.
Creative Strategy
Besides, various brand new gameplays are introduced to this game, for example, this game uses famous heroes in three kingdoms with more dynamic effect to replace single stationary defense tower in traditional tower defense. By doing this, you can fully experience the absolute pleasure of leading famous heroes to conquer the world and feel the infinite charm of strategic tower defense.
Exciting Harem
There is unique creation of harem system where you can summon your own beauties. After fierce battles, you can have some fun with them.
Hero Cultivation
Splendid skill stunts and high-paced beat rhythm can let you enjoy smooth battle experience. Luxurious free daily benefits help you cultivate your own heroes rapidly.